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DDIP - NORTH WEST REGION The Collective Thinking Party of Britain

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DDIP is a totally new political party here in the UK, formed by people who no longer believe in the outdated ideologies of Left v Right which only really cause divisions in society. Of course governments will feed both the Left & Right with as much ammunition as possible because so long as the people are shouting at each other they will not be shouting at the government. DDIP truly believe it is time to change the status quo and so have created a party that has casts aside those Left & Right ideologies and opened its doors to both sides. This is because we believe that the best solutions are found from debating with those of opposing opinions. You can never improve on something that everyone already agrees with.

DDIP is a party that has been built by the people for the people and it empowers its membership to shape policies, structure and direction through reasoned debate on its own purpose built members forum. Every member has an equal opportunity to voice their opinions at anytime that is convenient to them. Policies are created from results of debates and then those policies are put to a member vote on the forum before they can ever be adopted. DDIP really is Direct Democracy in action and the higher a member rises within the party the more subservient that member becomes to the membership. The collective thoughts of the many will always find better solutions faster than the selective opinions of the few and DDIP have create a system that makes this all possible. 

DDIP is The Collective Thinking Party of Britain


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